What’s New in Dramaland?

So… I started watching several new dramas.

#myhusbandmrOh #evergreen (that man Oh Soo) #thegreattemptation #marrymenow (shall we live together)
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh my the list is pretty long!

Marry Me Now πŸ‘‰ not really liking the story of Han Ji Hye’s character and her wealthy husband and his family. I think this one is too makjangπŸ˜• But I think I will watch ep. 2 and decide whether to keep this weekend drama or not. I’ll take my time since this is most likely a long drama, perhaps with 50 episodes too. #mygoldenlife started with a good pilot episode compared to this one. It somehow intrigued me. Hoping this new drama will also further peeked my interest after this couple (Han Ji Hye’s character and her husband) divorced.

Evergreen πŸ‘‰ never thought this one is a fantasy genre. Should have read synopsis first. But it is interesting and so far I have watched 4 episodes. I find Kim So Eun pretty and has nice chemistry with Jonghyun (cnblue) still intrigued by the mysterious tree and what ties it to the lead male character. So I am keeping this one but can’t say I am really in love with the drama. (Sigh…)

Great Temptation πŸ‘‰ this one has so many characters intertwined…which is confusing at times.
I watched Michelle Pfeiffer’s Dangerous Liaison even if I did not read the novel so basically I am familiar with the content of the story. In this Korean adaptation ( i believe it is an adaptation) Woo Do Hwan who plays the seducer is a good actor. He can pull off that sexy seducer character. The other 2 actors with him, Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young are delivering their parts well. I don’t mind the critic against bad acting on Joy. I mean as long as I am entertained by the story I will continue watching. So yes, this will stay on my current watch list. And hoping it will get better…the writing I mean.

My Husband Mr. Oh πŸ‘‰ done with episode 1. Still trying to decide if I will watch episode 2πŸ˜‚ But I am a fan of Kim Kang Woo and he can carry funny scenes. Maybe this weekend I will try episode 2.

Oh and I also peek at Kim Sun Ah’s drama with Kam Woo SungπŸ‘‰ Shall We Kiss First? But then.. I was not able to watch episode 2. Should I continue? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

With so many kdramas out there I can’t find that one drama I will fall in love with and get crazy…like can’t stop talking about it….making screencaps…gif…😝 For now Misty and Welcome to Waikiki are two dramas I am faithfully waiting each week. So far they are satisfying enough.

Now here is one show I am watching…πŸ‘‡

My variety favorite is #younskitchen of PDNa with Lee Seo Jin, Park Seo Joon , Jung Yu Mi and veteran actress Yoon Yeo Jung. I am binge watching the episodes and now I am on 6th episode. I get hungry watching it though. I applaud PDNa for the visuals and the research that was done regarding the beautiful place Tenerife Garachico in Spain. πŸ‘

So if you want to watch variety show this one is a must.



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