Amazing Cinematography in Mr. Sunshine

I love period dramas. And with beautiful and breathtaking scenes… Sure I’m in. Mr. Sunshine has shown amazing cinematography since they release teasers prior to pilot episode. Seriously movie like drama that sure had expensive production cost. I love how the director behind the camera treats viewers with epic scenes and an array of colorful background that suits the period of the drama.

For a couple of awesome captures…IMG_20180708_232429IMG_20180708_232435


The drama looks promising and with these kind of cinematography this is going to be timeless piece of work.



One thought on “Amazing Cinematography in Mr. Sunshine

  1. I was tempted to watch this. Really. I’m a visual person so the cinematography is definitely a feast for the eyes.

    But I’m also a tactile person and I can’t imagine fangirling that leather-skinned grandpa with that milk-and-peaches teenager. 😝 What’s their age gap? 75 years? And is he THE Mr. Sunshine being alluded to by the title? Mr. Sunset or Mr Eventide would have been more apt. 😂


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